1. Eat and drink your usual breakfast, sticking to content and amounts that you know from experience will not trouble you while you are running. Do keep topped up with water in the last hour or two, and particularly if it is a warm morning.


  1. Do allow plenty of time to get to the venue, find your bearings, store your clothes and belongings and have a few minutes easy running to warm up before the start.


  1. Do start at a sensible pace. If it’s your first organised event, then this will inspire you to push a bit harder than in your training, but be realistic in that you can’t be a different level of runner on the day.


  1. Do try to enjoy the event – you shouldn’t feel unduly nervous about anything if you have a realistic target that reflects the training you have done.


  1. Try and ensure you feel comfortable in your running. If you feel really challenged in the first 2.5k you have probably gone off too fast.


  1. Depending on how competitive you are by nature, you may wish to push yourself the last mile or so, so that when you finish you feel you have achieved your limit based on your current level of fitness.


  1. Once you have finished, do consider whether you are sufficiently motivated to enter and prepare for other events. With running, as with much of life, we enjoy things more as get better at them!


We hope you have a very enjoyable run and wish you the best of luck